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Tunisian environment

Political stability and openness to the international environment

Since declaring its independence in 1956, Tunisia has succeeded in building a modern society with a strong middle class. Since the coming to power of President Ben Ali in 1987, Tunisia has embarked on the path to opening its economy to international competition; to liberalization of investment, prices and exchange rates; and to the privatization of its public sector.

An ideal tourist destination

Tunisia is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa and the Mediterranean, hosting more than 6 million tourists per year. This popularity is due in large part to its natural, professional, human, and cultural assets, as well as to its climate of political stability and social peace.

Tunisia also offers its visitors many cultural and tourist destinations, including medinas, mountain villages, oases, Saharan sites, museums, archaeological sites, health spas, and marinas.

Quality medical environment

The private medical sector in Tunisia has experienced a period of expansion in recent years, a reassuring development for anyone suffering from chronic illness and wishing to buy a place in Tunisia. This expansion is due to a number of factors:

  • Medical professionals have acquired excellent training in France, in most cases; in Tunisia; or in English-speaking countries
  • Medical professionals operate in accordance with European standards
  • Health-care facilities, experiencing a remarkable boom, have technical platforms which conform to European standards.

Finally, while Tunisia is now a destination of choice for cosmetic and general surgery, the medical sector in general shares the same degree of success, performance, and credibility.

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