Change of scenery, satisfaction, peace of mind

  • Live in a paradise-like environment close to Europe.
  • Live in a luxurious, environmentally friendly residence.
  • Live in a habitat suitable for all ages…

A way of life

An exceptional environment, providing the opportunity to break away from solitude and loneliness, and filled with exciting daily activities

A new concept

  • Live in residence run by a renowned French enterprise, with a professional, caring and dynamic staff.
  • Enjoy a wide range of services
  • Benefit from a secure and safe environment.
  • Get 24h medical service

Financial advantages

  • Considerable tax incentive (pay taxes on only 20% of your revenue)
  • Low registration costs upon acquisition
  • Considerable gain in purchasing power
  • A profitable investment (renting out in case of vacancy)
  • Competitive market prices
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